Ships Ahoy Peachland

This fish and chip restaurant in Peachland has the freshest fish and the most amazing gluten free batter with a dedicated gluten free fryer. It’s is a small place with a limited number of tables and is family owned. A member in the family that works in the shop also has celiac disease, so we trust going there knowing we wont get sick.


Ships Ahoy makes homemade batter, tartar sauce, gravy, seafood sauce, fresh cut potatoes for chips and fresh chopped cabbage for coleslaw. There is a freezer full of homemade meals like Shepherds pie, cabbage rolls and Lasagna. Amazing frozen soups to take away such as Borscht, chicken vegetable, split pea, and butternut squash Thai , which are all gluten free as well!!

We recently ate the halibut and cod one piece, with a side of oysters and we had so much food we could not finish it all! The batter is light and crispy and the fish tastes amazingly fresh.. always.

Ships Ahoy also has other great options for people without celiac disease of course, like chicken fingers and fries for the little ones! Saylor devoured this dish, so it is definitely kid approved.


In the summer months you can take your fish and chips wrapped up in paper, across the road to the park and enjoy the lake at your feet, and for desert they also serve Chapman’s ice cream which is also labeled gluten free.

So if you are passing through Peachland, B.C. and are looking for a bite to eat.. check out this place! You wont be disappointed.


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