Gluten Free Sourdough Baking Cookbook

I am so very excited to announce that my gluten free sourdough baking cookbook is available for pre-order.

In this gluten free sourdough baking cookbook you will find recipes for the bread you have been craving. For a celiac diet, vegan, dairy free, and for other health issues. These gluten free breads and baked goods are easier to make than you may think, and there are all the tips and tricks you need to be successful with your bread baking. Learn to cultivate and maintain a sourdough starter in just a few minutes a day and have your home looking and smelling like a professional bakery.

You will soon be able to master the art of sourdough baking around your schedule. If you don’t have time to bake your bread right away, there are tips to make it work for you in your home, but let me tell you … gluten free sourdough is easier to manage than the more time consuming glutinous sourdough!

 Whether you are thinking of trying gluten free sourdough for the first time, or whether you are looking to step up your gluten free sourdough baking game. This book contains so much useful information, including many step by step photos to guide you along the way. There are 48 recipes that I cannot wait to share with you!


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The Book

The Gluten-Free Secret to Enjoying Incredible Sourdough Loaves, Breads & Pastries

If you’re gluten-free, then you understand the struggle of finding delicious, gluten-free breads and baked goods. But with Mary Thompson, founder of the beloved A Couple of Celiacs food blog, baking scrumptious glutenfree sourdough is not only possible, it’s easier than you’d think! Master the art of sourdough baking under the guidance of an expert to whip up wheatless loaves, muffins and pies that’ll leave your home smelling like an artisanal bakery. Mary has also included vegan- and allergen-friendly substitutes for her recipes where possible, so everyone can enjoy these gluten-free treats!

In her debut cookbook, Mary spills all her secrets to making the gorgeous, crusty sourdough loaves of your dreams. Learn how to cultivate and maintain your gluten-free sourdough starter with detailed timetables and pages of all the tips, tricks and tools you need to get started. You can even take a look inside of Mary’s personal gluten-free flour pantry for all of her kitchen favorites. Impress your friends and family with dozens of breads like a Rustic Honey and Oat Loaf, colorful Beetroot and Black Pepper Bread and Mary’s Braided Herb and Cheese Loaf. And for sweet variations, try a swirled Chocolate and Hazelnut Babka or some crispy Mixed-Berry Galettes.

A revolutionary guide for any breadlovers with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or other dietary concerns, this cookbook will become the go-to staple for every gluten-free kitchen

About the Author

Mary Thompson is a gluten-free sourdough baker, food blogger and photographer. Mary is the founder of A Couple of Celiacs, a popular resource for gluten-free recipes. She resides in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Praise For…

“This is a staple for all families, not just gluten-free ones. Many of these dishes have me exclaiming, ‘Wait, that was gluten-free?’” Jillian Harris, TV host and entrepreneur, co-author of Fraiche Food, Full Hearts 

“Baking your way through Mary’s cookbook will feel like the very best ‘food hug’ you could ever receive!” – Tori Wesszer, co-author of Fraiche Food, Full Hearts

“This is a must-have for every cookbook library. I love that Mary’s recipes are easily adaptable to any diet and nothing short of delicious. Anyone will be able to flawlessly create glutenfree goodies with this book!” – Izabela De Paz, baker and blogger at The Cake Mama

Gluten Free Sourdough Baking Cookbook

What’s Inside


  1. Leanne S says:

    What an amazing accomplishment. I have been waiting for it’s release and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Congratulations Mary, truly a labor of love.

    Leanne S

  2. Brianne Pedersen says:

    So excited for this cookbook!

  3. Becky says:

    My husband has a wheat allergy only… so rye and barley are okay… I wonder if it’s possible to use those grains in some of the recipes? Or if variations are mentioned in the recipes for instances like this. I’m a recipe follower and fairly new to sourdough, so I’d be worried about experimenting on my own without some directions or encouragement!😳😏😉

  4. LouAnn Johnson says:

    My cookbook was delivered today. I’ve already some essentials; I can hard wait to get started. Thank you!

  5. Jeff Carbine says:

    I never took into account the fact that these gluten-free pieces of bread and baked products are a lot easier to create than you may think, and you’ll get all the tips and tricks you need to master bread baking. I remember when I was a college student I was proudly answering the question but now I realize it was different. Thank you for helping me understand the right information about gluten-free sourdough.

  6. Again, I have cake batter. Are the numbers correct for the beginner’s loaf? I wish you were here to show me what is wrong. I added 2 more cups of gluten free bread mix to get closer to a dough. It’s not thick enough for me to knead. It’s doing its first rest. Then into the refrigerator. If it doesn’t firm up, I will just pour it into the Dutch oven and skip kneading. This isn’t my first time making gluten free sourdough. I have 2 other books that have a section on sourdough. I was looking forward to having more recipies.

    • Mary Thompson says:

      Hi Jeri,
      The numbers are correct for the gluten free for the Beginner Loaf. I have made it many times and and it always works. Have you weighed the ingredients with a kitchen scale and have you tared the scale to zero before adding the next ingredient? Have you used psyllium husk which is a key ingredient and cannot be omitted? Have you substituted any other ingredients?
      I have emailed you so as we can troubleshoot and fix this for you.
      I hope this helps.

  7. Alison says:

    Can’t wait to try the recipes as they look brilliant. I’m not sure that my starter is quite ready. I’ve followed the instructions and weights carefully. I have a full jar of starter with some bubbling but I’ve not seen the rise and fall you describe. I have made a brown rice only starter previously and made successful bread from it so not new to it. Any advice please?

    • Mary Thompson says:

      Hi there,
      As long as the starter is rising even a small amount you can still make good bread. A new starter does take some time to become strong.