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Building a levain to make bread

We bake bread every 7-10 days so the starter is kept in the fridge and taken out 1 1/2 days before baking.
Reactivate the starter by bringing it to room temperature and feeding 2-3 times before baking bread.
Use this recipe as a guideline to feed your starter out of the fridge and to build a levain to make bread.


  • 20 g starter from the fridge
  • Weigh 20 g brown rice flour and buckwheat or other GF flour
  • Weigh 30 mls warm filtered water


  • Add the water to the starter first to dissolve the starter, then add the flour and mix well.
  • Note: the starter is very forgiving so if your mixture is looking to dry ... add a little more water. The same for if it is too wet and soupy ... add a little more flour.
  • Feed again about 12 hours later with all the starter and add 60 g of brown rice flour and 60 mls of water - giving 180 g of starter. Save 20 g of starter to keep for the next bread bake.
  • The starter only needs feeding once a week in the fridge with 20 g of flour and 30 mls of water.
  • If you do not like the smell of the sourdough starter, then you will not like the taste in your bread. Discard some starter and feed again before using. You can also take a small taste test.
  • Once your starter shows all the promising signs of activity and it at least doubles in size .... then you are ready to mix some dough!