Shortbread (GF)

These short bread cookies have that light crispy … amazing flavour that I remember from BEFORE being diagnosed with celiac disease. They only have four ingredients and are so quick and easy to make.

There are gluten free powdered sugars with the GF label. Make sure you find one of those or you can grind sugar in a blender to make it into a fine powder. I recently used some Rogers icing sugar and was horribly ill, even though the website says gluten-free but there was no GF label on the package.

I broke one of my own rules .. which is only to buy products with a gluten-free claim on the packaging because of the issue of cross-contamination.

Recipe was passed on from a friend so I am not sure of the origin.


1/2 cup cornstarch (65 g)

1/2 cup of icing sugar (65 g)

1 cup of sweet rice flour (130 g)

3/4 of a cup of butter (170 g)


Warm butter enough that you can beat it in a bowl

Sift corn starch, sugar, rice flour, adding to butter in small portions and gently mixing together.

Use your hands to form a soft dough ball.

Refrigerate for one hour

Shape into 1 inch balls

Place on parchment paper on a cookie sheet about 1 inch apart

Press with a fork

Bake at 325°F for 20 to 25 minutes

Completely cool before removing from tray as they will crumble. But when cool they set nicely

4 thoughts on “Shortbread (GF)

  1. Erin says:

    Hi there,

    You should report an illness from a product that you suspect had gluten in it. Just because a product isn’t labelled “gluten free” does not mean that the product is allowed to have gluten in it. This should be reported to the CFIA. Recalls are done for products with undeclared allergens all the time.


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